The Other Latif - Latif Nasser ’08 (Podcast)

  • 21 Feb 2020
  • 21 Jul 2020
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The other Latif


LAtif Nasser '08 - WNYC Studios

6 episode Podcast Series - Podcaster Latif Nasser ’08 embarks on a quest to find a prisoner held in Guantanamo Bay—and himself.

In 2006, while on a Dartmouth foreign study program, Latif Nasser walked the streets of Fez, Morocco, asking inhabitants what it meant to be Muslim. Little did he know that 12 years later he would return to the country to ask slightly different, and much more urgent, questions about identity.

On his second trip, in 2018, this time to Casablanca, Nasser wasn’t a student but a journalist, investigating the background of a man he couldn’t stop wondering about. The story has now culminated in a six-episode Radiolab podcast about the mystery man, a Guantanamo detainee named Abdul Latif Nasir. In The Other Latif, Nasser explores Nasir’s true identity.  Read more in the Dartmouth Alumni Magazine by Lisa Kocian '94.  

To listen search for "Radiolab" in your podcast app to listen now. After March 10, all episodes will be available to listen here

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