Class of '80 Authors: Rob Dinsmoor ’80, Toxic Cookout and You Can Leave Anytime

  • 18 May 2020
  • 31 Dec 2020
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Rob Dinsmoor ’80 Toxic Cookout andYou Can Leave Anytime

Toxic Cookout, published by Big Table Publishing in October of 2019, delights in placing ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances, whether real or imagined:

·     An unsuspecting yoga teacher finds himself in the world of horror writer H.P. Lovecraft in at the Arkham YMCA.

·     A paranoid writer is convinced that the family cookout he’s attending is unwholesome, if not downright dangerous.

·     A retired school teacher watches a tiny civilization evolve in his neighbor’s garage.

·     A man’s GPS system leads him to Antarctica—and somewhere even more remote.

·     A spoiled rich girl in Manchester-by-the-Sea takes advantage of a global warming crisis to go surfing in winter.

·     People caught in a pyramid scheme start to lose their humanity—literally.

·     An artistic couple finds an ideal spot in Florida—well, except for the time-traveling worm holes.

·     A young man moving to New York in the 1980s finds out the truth about his reputedly mob-connected super.

Rob’s memoir You Can Leave Anytimeis a funny/sad (yet honest) account about his experience in rehab.  “We weren’t allowed to go anywhere,” he recalls.  “It was a lot like the current sheltering in place, but instead of family members, I was spending it with alcoholics, junkies, and ex-cons.”

Interview with Rob on You Can Leave Anytime:

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