Class of '80 Authors: William (“Bill”) Goodspeed ’80, Buzz Kill

  • 18 May 2020
  • 31 Dec 2020
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William (“Bill”) Goodspeed ’80 Buzz Kill

Buzz Kill is not for everyone–only those who’ve worked in a company and scratched their heads about crazy corporate rules or seriously wonder if the Human Resources quartet is missing a cello. Come to think of it, Buzz Kill is for everyone who loves to laugh.

What happens when a southern company, Lund Plastics, hits the skids and hires a Chinese transplant with hilariously awful English to run its fledgling R&D department? Not much, many thought, until Dr. Chen showed remarkable creativity in team building. He utilizes radical methods like Celebrity Dress Up Roller Blading Scavenger Hunt in Miami Beach in team meetings, all to the great chagrin of human resources. They thought the portrayal of Dolly Parton and Cameron Diaz (in her short What About Mary red dress) by men was discriminatory.

Chen’s antics attract the ire of human resources, forcing many to attend sensitivity training, an experience so brutal, even Dick Cheney would call it torture.

As Chen, his team and his boss chart the turnaround of Lund Plastics, they are met with bureaucratic and politically correct road blocks at every turn. The hilarious tale is symbolic of today’s American culture, where political correctness has a death grip on business, education and government, while Cialis commercials with their graphic disclaimers run rampart on network television.

Written for anyone who has ever worked in a large company, suffered through sensitivity training, or wondered if Thanksgiving is an anti-turkey display of Eurocentric imperialism, Buzz Kill is an uproariously twisted tale of Americas corporate culture.

Interview with Bill:

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