2020 Dartmouth Entrepreneurs Forum

  • 09 Sep 2020
  • 01 Oct 2020
  • online

Virtual Dartmouth Entrepreneurs Forum 2020

Sep 9 thru Oct 1

About this Event

The Dartmouth Entrepreneurs Forum, originally scheduled for September 17, 2020 in San Francisco, will now be a month of entrepreneurship, encompassing a series of virtual events as an exciting kickoff to the academic year. There will be multiple virtual events each week, that will include keynote and fire side chats, panel conversations, discussion groups, and office hours between alumni mentors and startup founders.

When placing your ticket order, select each session you plan to attend. You will receive a separate email for each session with the meeting link. Several of the offerings are not finalized so you will see a date and time with TENTATIVE listed. If this session is of interest to you, please register. Once the session is confirmed, you will receive a meeting link confirmation.

There will be no charge for these events.

We look forward to having you join us!

The Schedule is below:


  • 9 am PDT 9/9/20 Kick off+ John Donahoe with Laurel Richie
  • 10:30 am PDT 9/9/20 The Explosion of Telehealth in a COVID World
  • 4 pm PDT 9/10/20 Calling All Founders


  • 9 am PDT 9/ 15/20 Future of work after COVID
  • 10:30 am PDT 9/15/20 Energy as Levering Policy and Entrepreneurship
  • 9 am PDT 9/ 16/20 Has the Pandemic Changed Online Education Forever?
  • 10:30 am PDT 9/16/20 The Year 2030 Just Happened in 2020: Did Covid-19 Kill or Remake Retail?
  • 1 pm PDT 9/17/20 Why a Startup is a Good Place to be in a Pandemic and Recession


  • 9 am PDT 9/22/20 Provost Joe Helble with Erica Schultz
  • 10:30 am PDT 9/22/20 Real Talk: Women of Dartmouth Entrepreneurs
  • 1 pm PDT 9/22/20 Social Entrepreneurship - Economic Empowerment & The Future of Work
  • 1 pm PDT 9/23/20 The Journey of Black Entrepreneurs and Investors
  • 2 pm PDT 9/23/20 Promoting Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion in the 2020 Work Environment


  • 9 am PDT 9/29/20 Dartmouth Angels Debt and Equity: Covid-19 Solutions
  • 10:30 am PDT 9/29/20 Dartmouth Angels Startup Showcase
  • 12:00 pm PDT 9/29/20 Investor Secrets About Raising Venture Capital
  • 9:00 am PDT 9/10/20 The Social Contract of Innovation
  • 12:30pm PDT 10/1/20 Best Practices for Accelerating Research to Product
  • 2 pm PDT 10/1/20 The Coronavirus Vaccine and the Greatest Entrepreneurial Race of Our Era

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