Women of Dartmouth: BODY WISDOM: The Secret to Living in Your Own Truth with Eleanor Shannon D'79

  • 03 Dec 2021
  • 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM
  • Online

BODY WISDOM: The Secret to Living in Your Own Truth with Eleanor Shannon D'79


Come learn and see how the power of accessing the body's wisdom-- the intuitive "knowing" that we all have-- can release us from our rational, linear, brainiac selves.

High-performing professional women, who are "getting it all right," often arrive at a point in their lives where they ask, "How do I live closer to who I really am?"

Come learn the secrets of living more authentically from Eleanor Shannon D'79.  From high-achieving brainiac sidelined by a ruptured disc and the subsequent decade of pain to a flourishing natural Italian wine expert, author, and life coach, Eleanor worked hard to unlock her own healing process.

Whether you are seeking more-- creativity, travel, rest, satisfaction in relationships, health, joy or ease...


...or less-- stress, anxiety, physical and emotional pain, or pressure...


...Eleanor has learned that it is all available.


In this THRIVE workshop, Eleanor will show us that your body intuitively knows the path to whatever you are seeking.


Join us!


FRIDAY DEC 3rd 10AM Pac/ 11AM MTN/ 12N CEN/ 1PM Eastern

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Eleanor Shannon D'79, Harvard MBA '84, is a life coach who has reinvented herself multiple times, most dramatically in 2004 when she left her husband and three children to teach Italian university students in Milan for a semester.

That decision began a fifteen-year journey in Italy that included completing professional wine sommelier training, creating a blog about Italian natural wine, practicing and teaching somatic healing practices (yoga, yoga nidra, dance, meditation), and launching her own coaching practice.

Blog: (www.uncorkedinitaly.com), Website:  www.cometoyoursenses.com



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