Sustainability Series: Mike Swire on Bay Area Highway Expansion

  • 12 Jun 2024
  • 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM



San Francisco and San Mateo Counties are currently considering decisions that could have catastrophic impacts on the climate and public health in the Bay Area. 

Climate and equity advocate Mike Swire '91 is leading a coalition of environmental justice, transportation, safe streets, and neighborhood groups and elected officials in opposition to the proposed widenings of Highways 101 in San Mateo County and Interstate 280 in San Francisco. Widening highways has proved ineffective in reducing traffic congestion and simply increases the number of cars on the road, making traffic worse and wasting taxpayer dollars in the process. Transportation is the #1 source of greenhouse gas emissions in our area and encouraging more people to drive will have a huge impact on our ability to fight climate change. In addition, the proposed widenings could greatly increase air pollution and traffic violence in the lower income, diverse neighborhoods adjacent to the highways.

Join for this talk to hear a presentation by Mike and participate in our Q&A.

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